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Branda-interestingly their fb is not it is….this could be changed too 🙂 




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Social Media

Edge FB

So the first thing we notice is the lack of cover photo and the incorrectly sized profile picture. Both need to be readjusted to give the page a more professional feel.


In addition 1,741 likes is not a great deal so working on increasing likes should be incorporated into their strategy. We know that likes on FB are not the be all and end all and often are not really indicative of the type of engagement that is going on however, it adds credibility for any new visitors.

Likes encourage more likes and endorse the brand on the platform. Posts inviting people to like should do the trick. A small incentive or prize could be offered.

The clickable link for their location is good but they are using Bing maps for some reason and their location or the address given is not searchable. Suggest switching to Google Maps and perhaps offering info on parking etc. for each store in terms of specific locations, times and additional services etc.


Their from page about section could do with updating, describing themselves and their services a little more without having to click on the actual About section. Something like; ‘Ireland’s premier Running, Cycling and Swimming supply stores.’ Link to website should also be included.

The info on the official About page is good but could also do with some tweaking. They should emphasis their unique position as the largest store of this kind in Ireland. Again practical things like specifying which phone number is for which store is easy to do and makes things more user friendly. Maybe we should do a mock up of this entire page?

About section


Also their Facebook link should be personalized and intuitive.

They have some great photos and Albums on their page and promote their offline activities well. They are involved in a lot of athletic community endeavours which is great – perhaps we should look into whether they are getting links from the associations?


The only thing I would say is that they should perhaps date the albums as they seem to be involved in annual events and this would allow them to build a user friendly catalogue of their CSR activities.

On further investigation, they don’t seem to have associated links to their website or social platforms from affiliates. Currently they are involved with the Togher Christmas 5k run which is being run in conjunction with Cork Mental Health. There is mention of them on the registration page for the run but no link. register

In addition on the Cork Mental Health website it mentions the run but not The Edge. Tailored press releases should be sent to all affiliates in advance of organised events to ensure their involvement is sufficiently covered and links should be included to add to SEO.

mental health

In terms of content, I love their lunch time run -offline feeding online! However, actual participation is low and the message needs to be changed a little each time they post. You ca’tn post a carbon copy one after the other. The images are good but again maybe change it up a bit with a inspirational quote here and there, something about getting active? Or maybe something funny?

Need mock ups….. Thinking something like – Preparing for the Christmas 5K or just looking to loose a few pounds before the holiday season starts? Join us on our lunch time run!

What better way to beat the afternoon slump? Put down the chocolate and come for a run with us at lunchtime!

Repeat content - needs to be changed

If participation continues to be low perhaps a post the day before to remind people, or a private group message to known attendants? Maybe check days and times that suit the majority more to ensure maximum return for your efforts? Picture possibilities to generate interest? People can proudly share the image with their friends….again tagging is important here to build links and garner interest.

In term of other messages, I don’t see any follow up to replies. There are not many but they need to reply to those they get as you need to start somewhere and social is all about adding the more you put in the more you will get back over time. This is nice engagement here for example:


Someone from the Edge should have popped in with a cheeky ‘Ah go on’ message and also could have promoted the lunch time runs to prepare. Could have created a bit of banter and targeted the new target market they are after – non competitive runners, swimmers and cyclists.

This post is way too long – it is informative but not suitable for FB – leave it to the blog and promote blog posts on FB with customised bitly/owly links.

way too long

I also noticed the following post that has a pretty poor response time. November 6th was a Wednesday, it should not take 5 days to get a response. Suggest that more than one person has responsibility for social – giving sole responsibility to one person is a sure fire way to fail. One person can oversee, direct and work but they need back up and coverage for timely responses within working hours at a minimum.

response time

If you have to reply late like this maybe aplogise casually, something ‘Like sorry folks, ironically I was stocking the new watches and lost track of time!’ Also, utilise the feature that allows you to reply to individual comments so you are not offering everyone a bulk answer with some irrelevant content. Oh and Tag people in response posts!

Maybe we could have a look at the other tabs they could offer as well…..they have an event tab which is pretty dismal – remove or populate.


Just to note RED.FM like their page and they run ads on the radio….could they get a link off them?

What other sport shops are doing on FB that they copy!

Some nice content on Victoria Cycles – social suitable. Ask people to share with friends that rely too much on their cars! Maybe use to promote bike to work scheme?

nice content

Another example of friendly content is something like this, also from Victoria Cycles.


Chain Reaction Cycles have a link to their Instagram images – some nice image there promoting informative content.

Link to Instagram

Need to post more weighty, sharable content such as video like Chain Reaction tend to.


They also have a great selection of tabs. Their Bike Gallery Tab promotes engagement and takes advantage of user generated content.

Gallery tab - user

They run awesome competitions that are super easy to enter and attractive as a sharing item for interested friends.


Their albums are nicely organised and again, note that there are 15 video – all adds weight to FB timeline appearances.

Albums and video


From Evans Cycles Crawley, I thought it was interesting to see how they dealt with online customer service and moderation of page. As The Edge want to expand their online sales (which we will be focusing on re: website design) they need to be prepared for dissatisfied customers.

bad response


Links to contact them – do not encourage customer to go into detail online. If giving general contact email assign an individual to deal with the issue. Strive for exemplary service and you might just get a follow up online.

In addition, it is never a bad idea to have some house rules for FB content. Having messages with expletive or highly negative content is unacceptable. The Edge can justify any comment removal if they already have rules in place. Its just good sense!



Also – interesting that they have a nice jobs page on FB….



Twitter – The Edge

Really sporadic posting, not verified, no about info, no lists……no point?

What do we think of suggesting that they concentrate on FB only? What content do they have that is suitable to Twitter? Maybe use for lunch time run. Lisa – I will ask you to fill us in on potential of Twitter for the Edge as you know Twitter better than I do! 🙂



Victoria Cross Cycles do not use Twitter.

Chain Reaction use Twitter well – the main thing to take away from them is their casual, conversational tone that promotes interaction.

Chain Twitter

Evans use Twitter nicely. It is used as signposting for their offers and content. Some nice consistent engagement.

Evans twitter


What I really liked was the separate Twitter for customer service and help with find the right bike. Timely responses and additional assurance for the online buyer.

Ask Evans

Email Marketing

Here are a few images of The Edge Sports Shop email newsletter. This is the most recent newsletter I received.

Email Newsletter 1

Email Newsletter 2

Email Newsletter 3

Email Newsletter 4

Email Newsletter 5

Information seems to be very good. Straight to the point. Although there is a lot of information on the page.

Could be tidyed up a bit.

They aren’t sent out with much regularity either. More of a seasonal approach I think.

Digital Advertsing (PPC/Display) + Website Design



They do have PPC Advertising, it seems that there are two ads.


Interestingly they come up second on a search for sports shops in cork >SEO improvement

2nd sports shop cork search

First on a search for Triathlon or Running or Swimming or Cycling but interestingly english ads appear about the organic search…

1st cycling shop 1st swim shop but english ad 1st triathlon shop search but ad is english sports shop 2nd sports shop cork search

They are first organically for ‘local triathlon shop’ but again english ads come up first…

local triathlon

There doesn’t seem to be be any display advertising invested in by The Edge Sports.


The header on the website is quite good and appropriate for a sports shop-quite dynamic but maybe a bit busy. Options to search by brand or sport is a good addition

website header

However as you scroll down you are bombarded by information

website1 website2

website3interestingly they seem to be active on alot of social media( according to their website) unfortunately some of these links are either broken or link to a site with little/no content.

We sugesst a more structured layout to the website, keep it clean. Social media links do not need to be that big but its good that they are included.

**we suggest site map.

a high bounce rate is expected from the site due to the visual mess. if layout was clean and intuitive it is expected that users would click further into the site to find what it is they are searching for.

COMPETITORSMahers Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Nice website, clean easy to navigate, obviously tailored to reflect on time of year (christmas), inviting.
mahers website

John Buckley Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Brilliant website, clean, current, sleek, interactive, appealing use of photography allowing users to engage with website on a personal level. The edge could learn from this design. Also about page is simple and clean. The edge need to either simplify or update theirs.johnbuckleysports johnbuckleysportsaboutus They show up first in PPC and Organic Search.

However their website could be improved. Not visually appealing. Too much going on.startfitness1

What the edge could learn is how they have “widgets” gifts for him/gifts for her for christmas. This is interesting to a christmas shopper. good idea.

Asics: Interestingly because Asics is a brand they are stocked in many stores and so the asicsstores ppc advertsing comes up first, irish asics website next and then american asics website. Good that its both PPC and organicAscis have an outlet store in Kildare and their website has a good interactive ‘find us’ page. Google maps are interegrated. The edge could do thisasics kildare

NewBalance: FANTASTIC WEBSITE- that is all-



Victoria Cross Cycles: Whats great about this is that because its linked (obviously with a google plus account) a map with directions pops up on the SERP page on google. Also their facebook account shows up second. This shows that their fb is very active.vcc





Chainreactioncycles: chainreaction

International competitor



website SLICK!


SEO + Online PR + Website analytics


Search Engine Optimization


  1. The Edge Sports
  2. The Edge Sport – Ford
  3. Indoor Sports Complex



Non of the company’s social media platforms has been mentioned.

However if we will check The Edge Sport in Cork we will get better results. As we can see at the first position we see The Edge Sport Shop in Cork City with all the pages they have which is giving the customer an idea of what they products are.  Next we can see The Edge Sport at following websites:

  2. The Edge Sport Facebook Page
  4. Google maps



In order to improve that we need to build more keywords into their website. When checked at  the source of the Edge website we can notice that their keywords are very poor.


In order to pick good key words we need to look at Google Adwords Keyword Tool which will help us find out what potential customers are looking for.

(I have to search more for that but just want to give you an idea what I thought about that)


The Edge Sport has very wide target market as they are not narrowed into only one discipline. Thanks to that we can choose more keywords and use that for our benefit.

So our keywords should be: – have to have a closer look on that:D






Page title as we can see in the source of the website, is –  Home – The Edge Sports : Bike – Run – Swim – Triathlon Shop – Cork.

This is good as there is everything written about the company’s products and services , as well as location and the name of the shop. All the keywords are used which also helps SEO. We could add just a small changes and add some more keywords.

Unfortunately the website description needs improvement.  It is very important to keep the description short (up to 150 words) as potential customers are not going to click on the description and read more. Everything has to be written without the need to click to read more.



For SEO purposes it is very important to tag any images that you have on your website. Especially company like The Edge Sport needs to remember about that as their products are very visual. Looking through their website I found out that most of the images are tagged.


Thanks to we are able to check where on other websites we can find link to The Edge Sport as well as how much traffic it brought to the landing page.


The Edge Sport has been involved in community very often as they sponsored athletes and are involved in sponsoring events. Next year they are going to be sponsoring a Blarney cycling team starting in January. They can use that to their advantage and simply ask all those organizations they are helping to put the link to The Edge Sport shop on their website.

Online PR

The Edge Sports are involved in many promotions. They also show their sustainability in that as they are involved in something each year.

For instance: Jan-Carrigaline 5mile, March-Mallow 10mile (sponsor in conjunction with SKINS), July- Headless Horseman Adventure Race, Aug-Blackwater Triathlon, Sept-Sandycove Islands Swim, Oct-Skibbereen Adventure Race, Also Half marathon Bandon, Cork City marathon.

Having such a great promotions  The Edge Sport should use that opportunity and perform an online PR. For instance they could post on their website and across their Social Media platforms each time they are involved in some organization and link back to them.

Currently there is no Online PR performance from The Edge Sport.



In progresss…… 😀 sorry.



Interview with Simon -The Edge Sports

Target Market – Triathlon, Separately too Swimming, Cycling, Running, not niche triathlon! Male and Female. 20-45. Wants to grow his targetmarket within current demographic but would like to expand sales online nationally.

Budget (Money and Time)– Money- Open to suggestions, wants a cost benefit analysis, would be willing to pay if the results were going to be there. Wants to ‘dip his toes in the water firstly’. Start small and then go larger. Time- dedicated member of staff for website and SEO purposes, need a strategy, willing to put aside a few hours a week to build social media following as well.

Aims for online presence– SALES and building a following (relatively new sports store)

Community Invovlement– Sponsored athletes, involved in sponsoring events, next year sponsoring a Blarney cycling team starting in Janurary. The team will blog!

Current promotions (every year)– LOTS! Jan-Carrigaline 5mile, March-Mallow 10mile (sponsor in conjunction with SKINS), July- Headless Horseman Adventure Race, Aug-Blackwater Triathlon, Sept-Sandycove Islands Swim, Oct-Skibbereen Adventure Race, Also Half marathon Bandon, Cork City marathon

Using Email Marketing– Using a paid service Constant Contact, newletters used to contain news and events etc but competitor research shows that sales promotion type emails are more lucrative.

Loyalty Card- Yes, willing to build this up online

Lunchtime runs- Yes, 3days at the moment but thinks this might be too much.

Current Marketing– Adwords was successful in peak season but not so much off season, does sponsored ads in print media (ie. Irish Runner) doesnt think that these are linked to their online websites.

Website– Currently in the process of re-designing this website, but is open to any ides we propose.

What he would like– Open to any and all suggestions but he would like a digital strategy encompassing more than just social media! He wants advice on paid advertising, SEO, social, email, etc. He has the man power but needs a strategy!

— We can totally do this guys! Lets get stuck in!