Burger King – what they are currently up to on Facebook!

Facebook Page


Updated at least once per day and at the moment there is a quite fun faux ‘re-brading’ which concentrates on their new ‘Fries King: The Recrowning’ campagin.

The messaging tends to be very pushy though, it’s sell, sell, sell and while messages are posted consistently, there is no interaction. Of all the replies I scanned, there was not a single update to an initial post.  There were many replies to some images or posts but nothing in return from Burger King to reward that interaction.


Someone should have replied to this nice message.


And someone should be cleaning up the spam and re-posting, if not to interact with fans, then at least to steer the conversation and moderate responses.


Burger King have some great content on FB in terms of images however they are not using them to their full advantage.



Poor video content

The two videos under the video content of their page do not work, I tried with 3 machines to no avail. They need more video content and for it to work. They do have a YouTube channel which appears to be in its infancy, as it’s first video was uploaded 2 months ago.

It has 7 videos, 6 adverts and 1 Viral attempt.

The viral was a little forced and seemed as false as their re-branding to ‘Fries King’.


Not many people shared the video either.


Maybe they should have asked them to? Looks what happens when they include a call to action in a fun way!


They need to like and reply to responses, it feels more like dictating and the comment tend to reflect this….


Burger King actually have a site that has a contact form set up for feedback. Why not ask for more in-depth feed pack to be filtered through there?

They also seem to be focusing on the wrong content. The ‘WTFF ‘ (What the French Fry!) campaign yielded some great images and was the right kind of humour for the internet.


The WTFF termanology should have been more heavily emphasised and its images shared more frequently on their timeline to generates comments and engagement.

Finally, one of the tabs on the BK FB page is the ability to find you nearest BK outlet.

Address shown

Unfortunately this service does not appear to be operational outside of the US and some Asian countries.

No Burger King locations pinned outside US

This looks like a handy tool and for a global corporation like this, it should be available to all.


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