Abrakebabra – How the competition is doing.


Abrakebabra’s website is nice, clear and easy to read.  There is everything that should be there …


And more…

There is a little bit of fun – Abrakebabra is playing with the words and they make funny quotations. That kind of activities you can find on almost every social media platform that hey are using – which is great , funny and consistent – after a while you feel like these sentences and quotations look like their trademarks/ icons.

follow abra

At their website , under page ‘our menu’you can download their nutritional information on selected items from their menu.

website health



Abrakebabra’s Facebook Page could be used better.There is some great ideas and good interaction with people but there is no regularity in their posts. Sometimes there is 3 days break between posts  and another time there is even a 2 weeks break. However they use a good content and have quite a lot comments and shares.

facebook - use of hashtag;)

There is clear interaction with their funs. They answer almost every question or suggestion.

great interaction

From what I have found on Youtube , there is quite a lot funny videos from Abrakebabra employees or customers . They can use them and add them to Facebook Timeline. Their video content is very poor – there is only few adverts, where each of them is 0,14 sec. long and they all are very similar to each other.

video content


Abrakebabra is using Twitter very well. Abrakebabra spend much more time on Twitter – their tweets are very regular and  they reply and retweet others .They are also very consistent in their funny sentences and wordplay.


They also use it in order to help their customers (customer service) If anyone has any problem or enquiry they are dealing with it and replying quite quickly.

customer help on twitter


You can also find them on instagram. They made only 18 posts and all of them are pictures of their products and few promotions. They stopped using instagram in may 2013, and start in July 2012. They do not use it anymore.

However there is the link to their website which follows with another funny sentence .



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