KC & Son & Sons- Douglas- local study competitor

KC & Son & Sons was opened first in 1958 by Ken and Edith Crawford as a fish and chip shop. Quote from website ‘Fifty odd years on, while Douglas has transformed into a sprawling suburban megalopolis, one small, ex-cottage right in the center has hardly changed at all. Apart from the wall colours and a menu 1950’s locals couldn’t have dreamed of the humble fish and chip shop remains so.’

Winners of MCKENNAS GUIDE Best in Ireland 9 years in a row. Quality- fast food. Recognized establishment for good food.

Website design very minimal. ImageDifficult to manouver. On the home page there are recipes opening hours and a bit of info but you have to go searching for everything not really visible, scrolling down to access information is necessary on everypage. However facebook and twitter links on everypage. Oddly their logo is NOT the same on everypage.


Some quirky features like ‘Qcam’ but not always functioning. Page on website dedicated to the environment, they use local produce and recycled and biodegradable utensils. They even have a merchandise page.

On Photos page of website they have a link to instagram, but very little followers and only 12 posts.Image

Twitter page is lovely and clean. They seem to post often – every couple of days and respond to customers queries.ImageImage

Facebook is more interesting 15000 likes. The posts are of public interest, photographs, videos, comments, will all posts gaining lots of traction, likes/shares/comments. BUT posts seem to come in bursts, only three to four times a month with the posts being quite close together when they do post.Image

Google+, seems like a very interesting page. Details, history, location,opening hours. Everything in one place. Even has reviews on it. From this I found out that you can get a low-fat option there, you can ask for your meals grilled. KCs could promote this more.


The only thing that I have noticed as being a bit odd is that they don’t seem to be contactable via email on their website…email address was found on facebook but had to go looking for it. Was in about section on Facebook.

On boards.ie there was discussion about the food which turned into questioning their religion and then returned to the food. Very odd. KCs had no involvement in this discussion. However angain another interesting fact is that there is free wifi in a place that there is no seating areas, obviously they are aware that social media plays a huge part in todays society.

SEO – when you type ‘kcs douglas’ into google, their own website comes up first and second their facebook page.


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