Supermac’s : Competitior


Supermac’s are Irelands  fastest growing fast food company.

On Facebook they update maybe once every 2 days or so.

They run competitions on a regular basis. And get a great response from customers every time.



They also seem to support Irish Sport a lot. Running Ireland Soccer and GAA competitions. Giving away tickets etc…. Always a popular choice.


They don’t seem to reply to comments like these a lot. This could lead to sales lost in my opinion. This could really be worked on.

However the Facebook page does get a lot of traffic. Everything is clear and easy to understand. All images and pictures are also clear and very striking

Supermacs Facebook

Facebook Page


Until recently they had only updated Twitter once a week. However over the past week they have updated a lot more regularly. 3 times a day in a lot of cases .



Very similar to Facebook in terms of Images and posts. The background is a nice colour, catches the eye straight away. Very  good introduction to the page also.

Supermac's Twitter Homepage

Supermac’s Twitter Homepage

Good Customer Interaction throughout the page and more importantly lots and lots of happy customer’s. All in all they seem to be doing very well with Twitter in my opinion.



However when you type “Supermacs” in the YouTube search engine, this Is surprisingly the first result.

This obviously isn’t what they would like?


Was impressed with the website overall. Nice use of  images and colours etc…

Very easy to navigate through the website also.

There is also a nice “order online” feature which was impressive.

Supermac's Website

All the links and navigation buttons are functional, no obvious mistakes with the website.

Supermac's Online Ordering

Supermac’s Online Ordering

A very good website for customers. Lots of activity and updates.


supermacs, linkedIn, Homepage

Supermac’s LinkedIn Homepage


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