Subway as another competitor.


Subway has very clear website. It’s very pretty, easy to read and operate.

subway website

On their website you can see their CSR which is the first thing you can see after going into the ‘about’ section.

CSR of Subway

First thing you can notice is how much they put attention at healthy food. Their food is still ‘fast food’but a healthy one.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle


At all media platforms Subway is using more or less the same images for their layout which is great and they are really catchy ones – green color which also remind customers about healthy content.

Subway's Facebook Page

At Subway at Facebook is doing very well. They show their support of the sports – and because of the healthy lifestyle that they want to promote, sport promotion and support is something that seems real and fit in very well.

Sport and healthy lifestyle promotion

They also put some funny and original content – which still heavily promote sport, healthy lifestyle and fresh food.

great content on facebook page        great content at facebook


We can find Subway here as well. Even though we can find lots of the same pictures just uploaded again and again. However they also upload some weight makeovers – again promoting the healthy lifestyle and applying that to their products.

subway on pintrest


The layout and information about Subway are very nicely done on Twitter. However it’s very easy to notice that they use Twitter MOSTLY ( only??) for customer service. When I scroll down through the tweets the only thing I could see was promotions, special offers and customer service. Dealing with customers queries is important , but maybe they should post also more funny , everyday life tweets and add some personality to their brand?

Twitter as a customer serving tool

Here is a very good idea of using the cutomer’s data base. Subway send the Birthday offer to one of its customers . Then when the customer tweeted about it , Subway almost immediately responded and retweet that on their account!:))

great idea of using the customer data base


We can find Subway at Linkedin as well, however they have only very very essential information there. They could have expand it a little bit more.


Last but not least. The big affair at Subway. An article in The Daily Mail – this article was almost everywhere in media. Worth reading – fast and easy to read;) Enjoy:D


Magdalena Bodziony


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