McDonalds – an overview


Predictably, McDonald’s have quite a nice and informative website. All the links work and there is a wealth of information on their products, services and their CSR policy.


Their feedback form is incorporated into their site and is quite visible, unlike a lot of companies who bury their contact info.



Facebook (main page)

McDonalds have some nice engagement on their FB page, they do post promotional pictures in the main but they put a good twist on the comments that accompany them. It should be noted however that they rarely post an update to positive or negative replies.



Currently, there seems to be a bit of a campaign to keep McDonalds from building in Tecoma, Australia with persistent ‘STOP’ messages and other protest messages being posted under various pictures.

They do not reply to these, or other negative messages or follow up to remove spam.


Facebook Ireland specific

There are quite a few likes on their FB Ireland page


Their promotional content on this page isn’t as tailored as what is posted on their main page and they do not have the level of engagement here.

There is still some spam floating around too though.


A nice touch however is their affiliation with the FAI, which is the type of localized community support that should be encouraged and documented on FB.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 09.30.33


McDonald’s have a nice LinkedIn page with a encouraging amount of ope positions listed.

I did find it interesting that they listed sustainability as their second specialty though. Maybe this is indicative of the type of pressure they are under to put a good face on their business?


They also have an promotional recruitment video and a single employee endorsement, they should really strive for more if they are going to display that feature.



The first thing I noticed and really liked about the Twitter page was a the link to their Twitter Team which is included in the About info


Their Team are dubbed Tweeps and that link brings you to a nice fun page with a mini bios and pictures of the team. It is a really nice touch.


There is also a handle, McDonaldsCorp, which is clever in that it offers some celebrations of different global holidays and also espouses their CSR.

YouTube (General, Corporate, UK)

They have a quite a bit of content spread across a number of different channels. Mostly ads and nothing really notable. Lots of views though and not as much negative feedback as other platforms.


Instagram just seems to be a back up of the photos they post on FB.


The do have quite number of followers though.


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