Burger King VS McDonalds


Neither company uses Facebook to its full advantage. Content for both is far too focused on selling, with no follow up on posts that receive comments. You have to acknowledge replies with a like at the very least and should try to reward funny/quirky responses with a reply. This should also help to prolong the conversation and help with FB metrics, so that you pop up on your fans timeline more frequently!

With respect to FB, I feel that BK could garner a massive competitive edge by engaging with their customers more. They should be replying and asking more questions to get the two way communication that is the goal on social.

However, their first aim should be to schedule more time to monitor comments, remove spam, address genuine questions and handle inappropriate replies. The lack of engagement and spammy content on their page does not make for a professional image. If you are going to be involved in social you must allocate time for it and a ‘clean’ profile is the very minimum one expects.

I could not find a ‘House Rules’ policy so this should be drawn up and stated clearly, to create an expectation for posters. An example of the type of rules that could/should be enforced can be found here. In addition an in house resource should be created to track persistent spammers/troublemakers across social media. There are ban functions available and they should be enforced for continued negative contributions. Banning should be a last resort but doing so when applicable would cut down on the moderation time and ensure the best experience for other users.

A subscription to a social moderating tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social would help them track what is going on across all platforms and is not unfeasible for such a large corporation.

McDonalds have a dedicated Irish page which is something BK could strive for (the Irish are one of the most frequent FB users) but they would need to get a handle on their existing pages before expanding.

It may be an idea to have regional pages by continent, if they were to expand their presence.

As they post every day at a minimum, I would suggest incorporating some fun, non product related posts into their strategy. A perfect fit for them would be the free content created around internet memes. I have always been confused as to why a fast food company has not incorporated some of the popular ‘I can haz cheezeburger’ memes into their social media strategy, perhaps encouraging fans to upload their own.

As FB rules prevent you from using their features for competitions, this should be a purely fun pursuit. I would suggest piggybacking the internet culture of Caturday, or similar, making it a fun weekend pursuit for fans.


BK and McD’s are both pretty good on Twitter but McD’s has a definite initial edge with the link to their Tweeps.

I love this personalization and I would suggest BK does the same. However, I would extend it across their entire social network, not just twitter. This would allow for a unified presence across all social channels and each team member could identify themselves with a little bio, stating the social medium(s) they are present on.


BK’s Linkedin page is pretty horrendous, with dated content, broken links and just the one employee opening posted.

They can definitely take a page from McD’s book for their LinkedIn presence. They must back up their CSR claims with functional links and if they are going to post employee testimonials, they need more than one as currently, this just looks dismal.

They have some great CSR info on their website that could be linked to or incorporated into the page.


Instragram seems to be a photo database for McD’s and BK and neither are utilizing this feature sufficiently. There is some great advice on how companies can use Instragram here and here.

I think Instragram could be a great way to not only store high quality photos but also to give folks a looks behind the scenes at BK, humanizing the brand and giving it more personality.

An example of this could be creating albums for each of their CSR activities, an album for their social team, front line staff and higher level staff. Promoting that BK is a fun place to work would be key here as this sort of engagement lends itself well to customer perception of the business.


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