Burger King VS Subway


Burger King website, as well as Subway’s is very clear and easy to operate.

sb web


web. bk

CSR is very important and well highlighted in both companies.

CSR of Subway


However, Burger King put more attention to that. They have four separate pages created on their website in order to explain all of their CSR activities.



The first thing that Subway’s customers can see on their website is their Nutrition Plan. Subway is highlighting it very much, and all their content is very clearly underlining the idea of fresh and healthy food.

nutritional leadership sb

Burger King have the whole page about their – “Commitment to Food”, where we can find their nutrition report and their support of healthy lifestyle. However, Burger King is not underlining that enough! They have a great paragraph about that on their website, but it’s not as visible as it should.

2. (2)



Nowadays people are trying to eat healthier, and they are more aware what they are eating. So that Burger King should present their Nutrition Report more. It should be more visible on their website, and it would be great to add it from time to time to the content on their social platforms( supporting sports, healthy lifestyle)




Burger King have some great content on Facebook but they are not using it enough. There is also very little interaction on Facebook Page between them and their funs. No one is replying to the comments.

lack of interaction

Subway has a great interaction on Facebook. They are funny and they always interact with people.



Burger King’s Twitter is much better. They are funny, consistent, and their interaction with customers is much better. Also their content is slightly different than what they post on Facebook which is another plus.

Good twitter activity

Subway unfortunately is not that good on Twitter. They post every 2, 3 days, but it is all only about customer service. There is no funny content.

twitt. sb


Burger King ‘s Twitter has a link on their homepage to their email newsletter, which is great for email capture, email marketing and expanding customer data base.

Newsletter link


Facebook has a similar link but it is hidden in it’s About Page.

Subways great idea of using the cutomer’s data base. Subway send the Birthday offer to one of its customers . Then when the customer tweeted about it , Subway almost immediately responded and retweet that on their account!:))

great idea of using the customer data base

Burger King is using the e-mail notification, however maybe it’s a time to get customers phone numbers and using it just as Subway’s did.


Magdalena Bodziony


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