Social Media: Abrakebabra Verses BurgerKing


1a.   (3/5 Stars) – Universal Website site – Should detect I live in Ireland and not offer me delivery services or by default offer locations of franchises on another continent. Perhaps an investment for making a site for Ireland i.e.

1b.   (4/5 Stars) – Irish website is nice, clear and easy to read.

2a.    (4/5 Stars) – A good image content on Facebook, regularity in posts and comments. Although extremely pushy about the selling concept they should be more consciences about replies to customers and should make an effort to interact with others regularly on this site.

2b.    (2/5 Stars) – Abrakebabra’s Facebook page has some good content and ideas but there is no regularity with posts. Not being able to answer regular queries or giving comments on Facebook is one of their major downfalls.

3a.    (3/5 Stars) – Burger King has a relatively good presence on Twitter with room for improvement.

3b.    (4/5 Stars) – Twitter is being used very well­- there tweets are regular and consistent, they reply and re-tweet regularly too. They also use this page to answer queries and give information to customers.

4a.     (2/5 Stars) – Burger King has pretty much basic information on their Company and are not using LinkedIn to its optimum. They require constant updates and need to follow the golden rule of providing searchable information.

4b.     (1/5 Stars) – Individual franchises of Abrakebabra may have their particular outlets advertised but no such Company LinkedIn profile unfortunately. Its Company page could include CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) mission etc. . . .

5a.      (3/5 Stars) – Instagram is effectively used by Burger King for posting pictures but it could do with some informative content to gain a competitive edge.

5b.      (1/5 Stars) –  Abrakababra’s presence on Instagram was short lived. They started on it on July 2012 and then suddenly stopped using it in May 2013.

6a.      (1/5 Stars) –  YouTube Burger King Ireland has loads of room for improvement as there is little or nothing  as adverts and videos are concerned related to Ireland or the Irish public.

6b.     (3/5 Stars) – YouTube has some funny videos posted by employees and customers although video content is poor and only a few adverts. They surely have room for improvement.

After comparing and researching the two companies we can also see that Abrakebabra is very conscientious about its CSR mission and their involvement with the local communities. Over the last so many years they have shown repeated interest in supporting and sponsoring of GAA clubs across Ireland as well as many Basket Ball Clubs for example the Tralee Tigers, who won the All Ireland some years back. Abrakebabra provided the Club sponsorship by training of the team plus providing sports gear etc. Burger King on the other hand lacks there Social responsibility and however do not get involved with their local community, staying aloof and preferring to concentrate on the business only approach.


Abrakebabra as a business offers a wide range of deals to entice as many customers as possible i.e. special student rates, late opening hours and Family deals etc. whereas Burger King prices and opening hours remain static all through the year.


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