BurgerKing VS KCs

Websites: Burgerking’s Irish website is unusually under http://www.whopper.ie url. And they don’t have any facebook or twitter links incorporated into this site as well as bad spellings. KCs link heavily to other social media sites. Burger King by having social media links would give users the opportunity to follow them across social media. KCs have a livecam which you can check how busy the que is before you call to the fast food outlet. People can be seen on this. BurgerKing could do something similar which would link them more to social sites like youtube.

Facebook&Twitter: KCs promote local events through their fb&customer service thtought twitter, maybe burgerking could do the same, this would mean creating a fb&twitter for each country  but they already seem to have one for brazil… why not Ireland too. Because a soley American page is seems isolating for customers outside the US.

Youtube: Kcs doesnt seem to thave a youtube channel but they could save clips from the livecam to this, Burgerking having a live cam would be great or at least promoting customer experience on youtube would be good as ‘filler’ content.

Instragram: BurgerKing could include customer pictures here as KCs have done, it would give burgerking a more accessible vibe, at the moment they appear to be very corporate focused and not concentrating on customer experience.

I think in general BurgerKing could be more customer experience friendly and become a bit more ‘local’. This would involve customers more in the whole experience.


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