Supermac’s vs Burger King


Burger King’s Irish website which can be seen here. Is a well put together website with plenty of information about the business. One aspect I found very interesting was the “find your nearest Burger King App”. By clicking the map the website will accurately bring you the nearest Burger King.

“A different deal everyday” is another eye-catching aspect on the site.  By clicking any day of the week on the homepage, the customer can see the daily deal. Very good advertising. All the links and navigation buttons seems to work correctly also. Colours used are very good.

Supermac’s website which can be seen here. This is also a very good website. Very easy and simple to navigate your way through. Has a latest news application in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage. Which is regularly updated. They also give a brief history of the business which I think is very important for any business. They use the fact that they are Irish as their main selling point.

When comparing the 2 websites one thing really stuck out. Supermac’s have a very clever “Order Online” function on their homepage. This allows the customer to order any meal and have it delivered. Payment is by credit card and you can also view your order history if you have shopped with Supermac’s before. Your information is saved on the Supermac’s database for future purchases.

I think this could be a feature that Burger King could look at in the future. They seem to have nothing like this on the website. Could be an interesting feature to bring the business to another new level.


Neither company uses Facebook to its full advantage. Both companies are far too focused on selling. Facebook can be used for a lot more than this.

Burger King could definitely do what a lot of other companies have done and run competitions. They have a big fan base already on Facebook, so competitions would have 2 benefits. 1) They would have a big audience so a competition would surely gain a lot of entries and 2) With such a big audience already their competition would reach more needs feeds, thus gaining more followers and likes on Facebook. Supermac’s have successfully run competitions to a smaller audience. So if Burger King were to follow them into this market, there is no reason why it should not be a success?

Here is Supermac’s latest Facebook competition.

The sponsorship of Irish Clubs and Teams is something Supermac’s organize very well on Facebook. Supermacs support local GAA clubs and advertise them on Facebook regularly. Maybe Burger King could start an initiative like this. Supermac’s gain a lot of positive publicity off these sponsorships. I can’t see any reason why Burger King could not launch a similar programme.

Another possibly more expensive option Supermac’s have used through Facebook is:

Supermac's with Hector in store promotion

Supermacs in Galway launched a breakfast show with Hector in store. This project was very worthwhile for the business as they had a big turnout of customers on the day. Could one of Burger King’s major stores in Ireland do a celebrity appearance similar to this.


Supermac’s use Twitter for very good customer service. Always replying very quickly, they also post their latest news and competitions. The account is kept very active.

A company the size of Burgerking should really have a Twitter page for every country. There current page is based in America so a lot of the stuff that is posted may be just useless information to people in other countries. They have different websites for most countries so why not Twitter pages aswell? This would also make their customer service and reaction time a lot better and easier to track.


Supermac’s seems to have no presence on YouTube whatsoever. When you type “Supermac’s” into the YouTube search engine, you find a lot of results that Supermac’s would not be proud. This should be fixed.

Burger King’s YouTube search is a lot better. When you search Burger King into YouTube, a lot of Burger Kings Ad’s and positive reviews come up. This is much better Search Engine Optimization. Burger King also have a very good YouTube channel. It is updated regularly and has a lot of subscribers. There channel opens with this Advertisement.

On YouTube at least Burger King are miles ahead of a lot of other businesses. Super Mac’s could use some of these ideas on their own YouTube Channel?


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