Digital Advertsing (PPC/Display) + Website Design



They do have PPC Advertising, it seems that there are two ads.


Interestingly they come up second on a search for sports shops in cork >SEO improvement

2nd sports shop cork search

First on a search for Triathlon or Running or Swimming or Cycling but interestingly english ads appear about the organic search…

1st cycling shop 1st swim shop but english ad 1st triathlon shop search but ad is english sports shop 2nd sports shop cork search

They are first organically for ‘local triathlon shop’ but again english ads come up first…

local triathlon

There doesn’t seem to be be any display advertising invested in by The Edge Sports.


The header on the website is quite good and appropriate for a sports shop-quite dynamic but maybe a bit busy. Options to search by brand or sport is a good addition

website header

However as you scroll down you are bombarded by information

website1 website2

website3interestingly they seem to be active on alot of social media( according to their website) unfortunately some of these links are either broken or link to a site with little/no content.

We sugesst a more structured layout to the website, keep it clean. Social media links do not need to be that big but its good that they are included.

**we suggest site map.

a high bounce rate is expected from the site due to the visual mess. if layout was clean and intuitive it is expected that users would click further into the site to find what it is they are searching for.

COMPETITORSMahers Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Nice website, clean easy to navigate, obviously tailored to reflect on time of year (christmas), inviting.
mahers website

John Buckley Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Brilliant website, clean, current, sleek, interactive, appealing use of photography allowing users to engage with website on a personal level. The edge could learn from this design. Also about page is simple and clean. The edge need to either simplify or update theirs.johnbuckleysports johnbuckleysportsaboutus They show up first in PPC and Organic Search.

However their website could be improved. Not visually appealing. Too much going on.startfitness1

What the edge could learn is how they have “widgets” gifts for him/gifts for her for christmas. This is interesting to a christmas shopper. good idea.

Asics: Interestingly because Asics is a brand they are stocked in many stores and so the asicsstores ppc advertsing comes up first, irish asics website next and then american asics website. Good that its both PPC and organicAscis have an outlet store in Kildare and their website has a good interactive ‘find us’ page. Google maps are interegrated. The edge could do thisasics kildare

NewBalance: FANTASTIC WEBSITE- that is all-



Victoria Cross Cycles: Whats great about this is that because its linked (obviously with a google plus account) a map with directions pops up on the SERP page on google. Also their facebook account shows up second. This shows that their fb is very active.vcc





Chainreactioncycles: chainreaction

International competitor



website SLICK!



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