SEO + Online PR + Website analytics


Search Engine Optimization


  1. The Edge Sports
  2. The Edge Sport – Ford
  3. Indoor Sports Complex



Non of the company’s social media platforms has been mentioned.

However if we will check The Edge Sport in Cork we will get better results. As we can see at the first position we see The Edge Sport Shop in Cork City with all the pages they have which is giving the customer an idea of what they products are.  Next we can see The Edge Sport at following websites:

  2. The Edge Sport Facebook Page
  4. Google maps



In order to improve that we need to build more keywords into their website. When checked at  the source of the Edge website we can notice that their keywords are very poor.


In order to pick good key words we need to look at Google Adwords Keyword Tool which will help us find out what potential customers are looking for.

(I have to search more for that but just want to give you an idea what I thought about that)


The Edge Sport has very wide target market as they are not narrowed into only one discipline. Thanks to that we can choose more keywords and use that for our benefit.

So our keywords should be: – have to have a closer look on that:D






Page title as we can see in the source of the website, is –  Home – The Edge Sports : Bike – Run – Swim – Triathlon Shop – Cork.

This is good as there is everything written about the company’s products and services , as well as location and the name of the shop. All the keywords are used which also helps SEO. We could add just a small changes and add some more keywords.

Unfortunately the website description needs improvement.  It is very important to keep the description short (up to 150 words) as potential customers are not going to click on the description and read more. Everything has to be written without the need to click to read more.



For SEO purposes it is very important to tag any images that you have on your website. Especially company like The Edge Sport needs to remember about that as their products are very visual. Looking through their website I found out that most of the images are tagged.


Thanks to we are able to check where on other websites we can find link to The Edge Sport as well as how much traffic it brought to the landing page.


The Edge Sport has been involved in community very often as they sponsored athletes and are involved in sponsoring events. Next year they are going to be sponsoring a Blarney cycling team starting in January. They can use that to their advantage and simply ask all those organizations they are helping to put the link to The Edge Sport shop on their website.

Online PR

The Edge Sports are involved in many promotions. They also show their sustainability in that as they are involved in something each year.

For instance: Jan-Carrigaline 5mile, March-Mallow 10mile (sponsor in conjunction with SKINS), July- Headless Horseman Adventure Race, Aug-Blackwater Triathlon, Sept-Sandycove Islands Swim, Oct-Skibbereen Adventure Race, Also Half marathon Bandon, Cork City marathon.

Having such a great promotions  The Edge Sport should use that opportunity and perform an online PR. For instance they could post on their website and across their Social Media platforms each time they are involved in some organization and link back to them.

Currently there is no Online PR performance from The Edge Sport.



In progresss…… 😀 sorry.




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