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Start of imagery

Hi Guys, 

Branda-interestingly their fb is not it is….this could be changed too 🙂 




New Google map…



Gonna drive home now so will add more later 🙂

Digital Advertsing (PPC/Display) + Website Design



They do have PPC Advertising, it seems that there are two ads.


Interestingly they come up second on a search for sports shops in cork >SEO improvement

2nd sports shop cork search

First on a search for Triathlon or Running or Swimming or Cycling but interestingly english ads appear about the organic search…

1st cycling shop 1st swim shop but english ad 1st triathlon shop search but ad is english sports shop 2nd sports shop cork search

They are first organically for ‘local triathlon shop’ but again english ads come up first…

local triathlon

There doesn’t seem to be be any display advertising invested in by The Edge Sports.


The header on the website is quite good and appropriate for a sports shop-quite dynamic but maybe a bit busy. Options to search by brand or sport is a good addition

website header

However as you scroll down you are bombarded by information

website1 website2

website3interestingly they seem to be active on alot of social media( according to their website) unfortunately some of these links are either broken or link to a site with little/no content.

We sugesst a more structured layout to the website, keep it clean. Social media links do not need to be that big but its good that they are included.

**we suggest site map.

a high bounce rate is expected from the site due to the visual mess. if layout was clean and intuitive it is expected that users would click further into the site to find what it is they are searching for.

COMPETITORSMahers Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Nice website, clean easy to navigate, obviously tailored to reflect on time of year (christmas), inviting.
mahers website

John Buckley Sports: It appears they havn’t invested in PPC/display advertising. Brilliant website, clean, current, sleek, interactive, appealing use of photography allowing users to engage with website on a personal level. The edge could learn from this design. Also about page is simple and clean. The edge need to either simplify or update theirs.johnbuckleysports johnbuckleysportsaboutus They show up first in PPC and Organic Search.

However their website could be improved. Not visually appealing. Too much going on.startfitness1

What the edge could learn is how they have “widgets” gifts for him/gifts for her for christmas. This is interesting to a christmas shopper. good idea.

Asics: Interestingly because Asics is a brand they are stocked in many stores and so the asicsstores ppc advertsing comes up first, irish asics website next and then american asics website. Good that its both PPC and organicAscis have an outlet store in Kildare and their website has a good interactive ‘find us’ page. Google maps are interegrated. The edge could do thisasics kildare

NewBalance: FANTASTIC WEBSITE- that is all-



Victoria Cross Cycles: Whats great about this is that because its linked (obviously with a google plus account) a map with directions pops up on the SERP page on google. Also their facebook account shows up second. This shows that their fb is very active.vcc





Chainreactioncycles: chainreaction

International competitor



website SLICK!


Interview with Simon -The Edge Sports

Target Market – Triathlon, Separately too Swimming, Cycling, Running, not niche triathlon! Male and Female. 20-45. Wants to grow his targetmarket within current demographic but would like to expand sales online nationally.

Budget (Money and Time)– Money- Open to suggestions, wants a cost benefit analysis, would be willing to pay if the results were going to be there. Wants to ‘dip his toes in the water firstly’. Start small and then go larger. Time- dedicated member of staff for website and SEO purposes, need a strategy, willing to put aside a few hours a week to build social media following as well.

Aims for online presence– SALES and building a following (relatively new sports store)

Community Invovlement– Sponsored athletes, involved in sponsoring events, next year sponsoring a Blarney cycling team starting in Janurary. The team will blog!

Current promotions (every year)– LOTS! Jan-Carrigaline 5mile, March-Mallow 10mile (sponsor in conjunction with SKINS), July- Headless Horseman Adventure Race, Aug-Blackwater Triathlon, Sept-Sandycove Islands Swim, Oct-Skibbereen Adventure Race, Also Half marathon Bandon, Cork City marathon

Using Email Marketing– Using a paid service Constant Contact, newletters used to contain news and events etc but competitor research shows that sales promotion type emails are more lucrative.

Loyalty Card- Yes, willing to build this up online

Lunchtime runs- Yes, 3days at the moment but thinks this might be too much.

Current Marketing– Adwords was successful in peak season but not so much off season, does sponsored ads in print media (ie. Irish Runner) doesnt think that these are linked to their online websites.

Website– Currently in the process of re-designing this website, but is open to any ides we propose.

What he would like– Open to any and all suggestions but he would like a digital strategy encompassing more than just social media! He wants advice on paid advertising, SEO, social, email, etc. He has the man power but needs a strategy!

— We can totally do this guys! Lets get stuck in!


Plan for Digital Marketing Assignment

Everyone is responsible for the tasks that they have been assigned, everyone must work together!! Please could we get this done by next Tuesday so that we can discuss on Wednesday and move forward. No time to be messing around guys.

Brenda-Digital Strategy + Social Media (please look at what is currently happening and come up with proposals for the future)

Craig– Email Marketing + SEO (please look at what is currently happening and come up with proposals for the future)

Magda– Website Analytics (majestic) + Online PR (please look at what is currently happening and come up with proposals for the future)

Lisa– Digital Advertsing (PPC/Display) + Website Design (please look at what is currently happening and come up with proposals for the future)

IMPORTANT!! It is HUGELY important that we all do our assigned tasks while bench marking against competitors of The Edge Sports!!

Competitors we chose : Mahers (Oliver Plunkett street), John Buckley Sports,, Asics, NewBalance

Other Competitors The Edge told us about: Victoria Cross Cycles, ChainReactionCycles, Evans (english sports chain)

Plan For Presentation

Jobs for presentation (each person is responsible for the jobs that they have been assigned, everyone must work together and underneath is an overview of everyone’s job)

  • Sonali – What BurgerKing are doing that is good at the moment on social media
  • Craig – What BurgerKing are doing that is poor at the moment on social media
  • Magda – Future for BurgerKing on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Email
  • Brenda – Mock Campaign plans and sign up for email
  • Lisa – Create imagery for future plans and build presentation

We need to create a personality for BurgerKing. Lots of Screenshots needed. Send your plan for your section of the presentation onto Lisa so she can compile information. Screenshot for EVERY example you will use.

Sonali – a quick overview of what BurgerKing are doing well on social media to help

  • Facebook- Post consistently. Sometimes funny.
  • Twitter- #wtff (what the french fry). Retweet and Favourite alot.
  • Instagram- Lots of high quality, nice pictures
  • LinkedIn- CSR shown
  • Youtube- Ads and Viral, good attempt but more content needed.
  • Email- Brenda will find out about this

Craig – a quick overview of what BurgerKing are doing poorly on social media to help

  • Facebook- Too much selling. No engagement. No spam moderation. Videos don’t work. Location app doesnt work properly, no CSR
  • Twitter- Too sales focused, no link to contact form.
  • Instagram- no albums to show order to their images, too much sales again.
  • LinkedIn- uninspiring, broken links for CSR, no feedback, little engagement, little job openings (1job), doesnt show themselves to be sustainable.
  • Youtube- little content
  • Email- Brenda will find out about this

Magda – Future for BurgerKing on social media. Draw from competitors/ target older market.

Social Media Team (McDonalds) Bio for each member, use something like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial to prevent Spam.

Promote CSR (McDonalds) on linkedIn, feedback too.

  • Facebook- Local (KCs), Take locations off or make it blocked off ref ip address (Abrakebabra), Sponsor teams (Macdonalds/Subway), Pictures (not using ones on instagram), Employees (show personality) Nutrition and healthy lifestyle, in CSR but not on social media, not about sales everytime
  • Twitter- Lists (affiliates, recruitment, healthy eating, CSR) #wtff(what the french fry) not used to advantage, little customer service support, link to contact form on twitter
  • Instagram- Lots of high quality, nice pictures, add albums
  • LinkedIn – uninspiring, broken links for CSR, no feedback, little engagement, little job openings (1job), doesnt show themselves to be sustainable.
  • Youtube- More content needed (abrakebra) not about sales everytime, no competitor doing this well they could be leading in this field
  • Email- Brenda will find out about this, tell us about your birthday (customer data base) (subway)
  • forward any thing you want to mock up ie fb or twitter posts to Lisa

Brenda – Mock campaign to target their “aging fast food consumers” broader appeal as original younger market was hit badly by the recession. Both women and men 50+ buy the most BurgerKing. Forward ideas to mock up digitally to Lisa.

Lisa – Compile presentation, create mock ups for the future.

All of this was discussed by Lisa, Magda and Brenda on 27/10/13 at meeting at 6pm in cork city. If there are any questions email me at and I will reply. I am in Dublin this week so if you could forward me your section for the presentation by next weekend I can put it all together.


BurgerKing VS KCs

Websites: Burgerking’s Irish website is unusually under url. And they don’t have any facebook or twitter links incorporated into this site as well as bad spellings. KCs link heavily to other social media sites. Burger King by having social media links would give users the opportunity to follow them across social media. KCs have a livecam which you can check how busy the que is before you call to the fast food outlet. People can be seen on this. BurgerKing could do something similar which would link them more to social sites like youtube.

Facebook&Twitter: KCs promote local events through their fb&customer service thtought twitter, maybe burgerking could do the same, this would mean creating a fb&twitter for each country  but they already seem to have one for brazil… why not Ireland too. Because a soley American page is seems isolating for customers outside the US.

Youtube: Kcs doesnt seem to thave a youtube channel but they could save clips from the livecam to this, Burgerking having a live cam would be great or at least promoting customer experience on youtube would be good as ‘filler’ content.

Instragram: BurgerKing could include customer pictures here as KCs have done, it would give burgerking a more accessible vibe, at the moment they appear to be very corporate focused and not concentrating on customer experience.

I think in general BurgerKing could be more customer experience friendly and become a bit more ‘local’. This would involve customers more in the whole experience.